The National Congress of Black Women, Inc. (NCBW) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to:

  • Serve as a member unit of national non-partisan, independent, political organization to provide for the participation of African American women in the political process.
  • Encourage African American women to engage in political activities beginning with registering to vote.
  • Confront forces in the cultural, economic, and community environment that threatens the physical, mental, and moral well-being of African American youth, especially those most at risk.
  • Develop and encourage African American women to run for office at all levels.
  • Develop and advocate public policy positions, which advance the political, social, educational, and economic interests of African American women, their families, and communities.
  • Encourage the appointment of African American women at all levels of government and political parties.
  • Empower African American women to act as role models for the next generation of leaders.
  • Co-Founding chairs of Metro NY Chapter Michelle Mitchell and Simone-Monet Wahls.